Letters, Words & a Sentence

Life is not a word.
Life is a sentence.
Made of a four-letter word.
Like that.

Death is not a sentence.
Death is a word.
A five-letter word.
Like birth.

Pain is a four-letter word.
Like love. Or life.
Like like.
It’s here. To bear.

God is a three-letter word
Like Sun.
You too have three letters.
Like one.

You become U. To be equal to I.
But that is underspelling.
Truth is I am two letters short.
To become you.

One, two, six, and ten have three.
Three, seven, eight have five.
Nine and five have four.
They meet at four. Therefore.

2 thoughts on “Letters, Words & a Sentence

  1. अध्यात्म का बजरिए अंक और शब्द गहराई भरा विवेचन। समझने के लिए काफी वक्त और चिंतन की जरूरत है। दूंगा। फिर कमेंट करूंगा।

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