Pine fresh dawn

You haven’t changed,

Neither have I,

Nothing ever changes,

We accept change willy nilly,

We are told to embrace the new,

Shake off the old, we do.

But that duet we sang

coming down the hill,

A deservingly obscure song

that few have heard of

A song with doubtful melody

And meaningless words

smelling of old books

Made anew by your sweet, soulful voice

Full-throated, full-bodied.

I and the earworm hum together

Take it to new highs, old tunes

Nothing ever changes.

Or the old jokes, the quips

The sweeps you took at my expense,

I betrayed a corner of a smile,

And you guffawed from your belly

Carefree, we ruled the world for a moment

That moment warms the heart 

In worst of times, melancholy melts

As the tresses of that moment

Fall on the face of my being,

My being takes a new life

In that dusk is born a new me,

I open my eyes and the world smells of pine,

That hasn’t changed,

Nothing ever changes,

Yet change is constant.





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