Belief is not the solution,
knowing is.
I believe you,
But I don’t know you.
How do I have faith?

Do I know I?
Me? Myself?
I have been led to believe
I am X.
I am told I was born at
said dd/mm/yy.
But I was just a body,
I came into being much later,
I have a faint idea,
I must be five or six,
when X came into being.

I started responding to X.
X was my name.
A little later, I learnt
A and B were my parents.
And C & D my siblings.
I believed it all.
Now I don’t believe, but know
A & B sired me,
That C & D are same blood as I,

But what if they had named me
J, Would I be J?
H? or I?
Or P, S, T, U, V, W?
I could be X, Y, Z.
Whatever you believe,
or you’re led to believe,
What I may believe,
I know that I am,
but I don’t know who?
How do I know you?
How do I have faith?


2 thoughts on “WHOAMI!

  1. but i know you
    i have faith

    if you write
    hindi or urdu

    because अंग्रेजी मुझे उतनी नहीं आती जितना आप समझते हैं

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