Rahiman some patience, there’s always hope; Every one perishes, sinner and the Pope!

दर्द-ए-दौर-ए-ज़माना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!
वो भी इतना पुराना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!

अंधेर मची रहती है, अन्धों की बस्ती में,
तिस पे राजा काना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!

यां पीपल के पेड़ों पर आमों का झुरमुट है,
रिपब्लिक ही बनाना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!

चुन-चुन कर भेजा है, चुन-चुन घर भेजेंगे,
चुनाव भी तो आना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!

दिल्ली की सर्दी में, जम जाती हैं तक़दीरें,
जो वो लोहा पिघलाना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!

सियासत के कोल्हू में अन्ना हो गन्ना हो,
उन्हें पिरते जाना है, थोड़ा धीरज रखो!


3 thoughts on “Rahiman some patience, there’s always hope; Every one perishes, sinner and the Pope!

  1. I forgot to say that English words should be included frequently, as they have been here.
    It has become an Indian language, and adds to the colour and atmosphere.
    The more I think about this idea of yours (I think Quickbandi is a first rate name) the more I like it in the popular sense. It will be a hit.
    I don’t understand why there is a bindu over yaan. Yaan peepul ke pedon par… What is yaan?
    Also the bindu/nuqta under taqdeer is missing.
    Gulzar is insistent that Devngari can accommodate Urdu entirely through nuqtas over/under pha, ka, kha, ja etc.
    Take this to the newspaper. You’ve hit upon something of abiding quality and vaue.

    Reply ↓

    1. Thank you. I am yet to learn typing in Hindi. So use Google Transliterate IME. There I have to depend on suggestions, but will keep an eye on nuktas and other nuances of Urdu. That yaan was the old yahaan, shortened for meter’s sake. Still not sure about newspaper but once I am sure of my discipline and commitment, I will surely push. I am so glad you took out time to read it. Thank you so much.

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